New Media Projects

NMD 100 “Eye of a tiger”
November 17, 2910

NMD 104 “My Star Wars video”

NMD 100 Here is video I put together showing Unaccessible Buildings.

NMD 104 This is panorama  of me.

NMD 104 Here is morph I did of a girl and a cheetah.

This is my vector portrait.

A video I did with Ashley Pearson I was being denied entrance in a few building on the UMaine campus

NMD 102 I built this with programming you see what the weather is in what ever zip code you put in.

Frogger was my first processing game I built I based it off the video game Frogger.

NMD 102 This is a procesing project I did were I built a 3D picture frame using my Ipod to control it or the track pad.

NMD 201
Some of my favorite Journalism photos.

Window Portrait




People without people

Enviromental Portait

Studio in the Field

My Final for NMD 201 Report and Storytelling

NMD 295 Excercise #1

Derek’s Meditation video pond/sports

NMD 295 Excercise #2
Derek’s 7 Frames

NMD 295 Project #1

NMD 295 Project #2
A film showing my photographs one bad shot and a good shot the good about shooting with DSLR

NMD 295 Excercise #3 In Camera edit

NMD 295 Project #3
A short film I did with Nick Stewart

NMD 206
A an app that I made with Adam and Ian for the IPhone and a computer

NMD 301 Assigment #1
I did audio recording of Kaity Perreault she told me a story happened to.

NMD 301 Assignment #2

NMD 301 Assignment Final

NMD 304 Excercise #1 Info graph

NMD 304 Excercise

NMD 304 Excercise #3 Looping

NMD 205 Migration

NMD 304 1st project “Mario Kart Tribute”

NMD 304 #2 project Derek’s Journey

NMD 304 #3 project Hance Photography

NMD 306 “iDraw
A presentation I did with Duane Shimmel and Charlotte Whitaker for the Maine Discovery Museum we came up with a new exhibit.
IDraw presentation click me

NMD 498/499 My Sr. Capstone
Inclusion ME
can be seen at inclusion

This is my SR capstone interactive ibook
This is my SR capstone interactive ibook
Introductionpage 2
page 3 Page 4 page 5
page 6
page 7
page 8
page 9
page 10
page 11
page 12
page 13
page 14
page 15
page 16
page 17
page 18
page 19
page 20
page 21
page 22
page 23
page 24
page 25
page 26
page 27
page 28
page 29
page 30
page 31
page 32
page 33
page 34
page 35
page 36
page 37
page 38
page 39

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