I am Derek H. O’Brien from Rockport, Maine. I am a quadriplegic. I broke my neck on July 23, 2005 at c6-c7.  I had a diving accident. I did photography during high school and studied architecture at Catholic University of America until my junior year. After my hospital stay I came home and met Mark Wallack and he got me back into photography. I did a photo-a-day for four years, year one with my DSLR and did it again with my IPhone and then with my Big IPad and then again with my IPad Mini only using one app. Hipstamatic and I never repeated a lens or film. I went to college at UMaine studied New Media graduated in 2013. The summer of 2012 I was a camp counselor at Empower a camp for adults with spinal cord injury.
I currently live in Portland Maine and I work for Portland Media as video editor. I currently sit on three board Alpha One, RTP and City of Portland Disability Advisory Committee.

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My Instagram is where all my awesome contacts can be found!

2 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Laura

    Hi Derek,

    I was one of your nurses in Atlantic City right after your accident. I have never forgotten you and check your website every once in a while to see how you are doing. Some patients just find a place in a nurse’s heart and you and your family have a special place in mine. I think you are awesome, a true inspiration to those who face adversity. You have followed your dreams and found your niche in life. I admire you so very much!


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